It's been forever since I wrote a post and a lot of things have happened since then. Most recently I was promoted to Director of Communications. I'm going to brag a bit here so please bear with me. Becoming the Director of Communications for the largest network of community health centers in Washington, D.C. is a pretty big deal.

I haven't written here in a while and this post is a bit of a departure from my other posts which relate to the communications industry. However, I thought it would be cool to catalog where I am at this point in my life. So here it goes...

I recently went on a bit of a Twitter rant. Here's how it went --

Was sent a very compelling product/services package from marketing firm and decided to check out their website before shooting an email.

Went to the about page to check out the team. Absolutely no ethnic diversity.

How can a company that doesn't have any diversity on their staff value the diversity of our audience? Representation Matters

Who is Annie Montrose and why am I dedicating a blog post to her, is a question you may be asking yourself ?

Annie Montrose, is the NASA PR Director in the award-winning movie 'The Martian' played by Kristen Wiig. The Martian starring Matt Damon is about an the astronaut (Mark Watney) who becomes stranded on Mars and has to use his scientifically gifted mind and skill as a botanist to stay alive while NASA figures out a strategy on how to rescue him.

This is the tough part.

How exactly do you build a plan for an organizational rebrand? I mentioned a few resources in this post that helped me prepare. But still, no detail can go missing and each piece of the project must be thought about. You also have to be aware of the things you actually don't know and be prepared to pivot and maneuver the plan along the way.

When do you start planning your communication activities for the next year?

I begin a list in August of general objectives I would like to complete for the next year. This can include exploring sponsorship opportunities to increase awareness of the organization, investing in a new platform to better engage internal communications or developing a new website.